The Akashic Records

Information you will want to know

   In the reading of your Akashic Records, you will be given insights from your collective soul memory patterns.  They contain all your experiences, thoughts and feelings from all your lifetimes, past, present, and future! These records have been imprinted in a universal energetic field and are kept sacred by beings called the Lords of the Records.  In your reading you ask questions about your life, and the Lords of the Records will answer these questions through me as an open channel. You may experience a shift in your awareness as the healing begins and feel a complete healing in an area of your life as the session continues. 

To get started, please email the following information to me at

 Your ‘nickname’ or first name you regularly go by. 

Your full legal name as is seen on your documents in present time.

Your phone number and the best time to contact you to set up a time for your reading. Thank you!

The actual session will be done by phone.  In preparation, please write down your questions to present. You are welcome to take notes or record during the session. Readings average about an hour.  

I will also receive information from Spirit for you before our phone conversation, which will be of benefit to you as well. 

Times available are Mon-Sat, at 10am, 11am or 7pm, USA Pacific time zone.  My cell: 773-719-9021

Once started, Spirit will give me guidance as to when our session is complete. If you have more questions that you would like answered, you may choose to have more sessions.