More Information about your reading

As you are telling your story, simultaneously I am downloading information to assist you and the ‘Akasha’ energies will envelope us in a protective and healing sphere of Divine Pure Light and Love.

Sometimes a loved one who has transitioned may wish to visit as well.

Think of questions that will allow you to go deeply into your emotional self.  Describe in detail specifically what happened concerning and around any question you have and your feelings surrounding the situation.  As you describe your life story you are participating in your own healing!

We all have the ability and free will to make choices, therefore, your soul memory blueprint information offers guidance that is truth as is seen NOW! This process creates more understanding in creating a new life forward with healing of unwanted patterns on your own life’s journey. This is the truth of who we are and the truth of what IS; in the past, present and future time. We are linked to our ancestral lineage as well as past lifetimes in which a healing process inevitably can take place.

Additionally, during your Akashic reading session I might use any of these healing modalities:

Reiki Master attunement healing energies.

Emotion code release/activation/complete energetic healings.

Shamanic breath ‘point of origin’ release.

Ringing of Alchemy Crystal Bowls (sound healing) clearing of the auric patterns. 

Tuning forks, such as the “OM” tuner for grounding.

 Rebalancing/Clearing spray (over phone works well)

Card readings for clarification.

My prayer is that I may serve the Universe as a channel in love and in gratitude.  I honor the Akashic Records for the highest good for everyone.  I am ordained by The Holy Spirit to do this work.  AND SO BE IT!

May you be blessed and healed on your soul’s journey to Light and Love.