Crystal Singing Bowls

Ring Your Inner Chimes

Sacred Crystal Singing Bowls Sessions Information 

In the ringing of the 12 Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Merrilee & Jeffrey, whom are Divine Compliments (Twin Flamers), your experience may amaze you! The experience is offered for an event venue or in your home. (see events page) Some people experience a deep meditative & relaxing state of equanimity! The rich tones of sound healing frequencies, and alchemy, (such as amethyst quartz crystal) and color vibrations of the Crystal Bowls re-balance and re-harmonize our chakras.

 Also, as a certified Sound Therapist, Merrilee utilizes the method of healing tools and intuition through "Tuning Forks" : Types of tunings available: Chakra tuners: Etheric level tuning forks, "OM" energy tuners for grounding and balancing (especially good on the sternum) "Otto" crystal Amethyst tuner, crystal foot resonates to the crystalline structure of the body. Together the sound vibration is 'The Golden Mean.' And the Angel Tuners, clear the energies and call  the angels to protect us. Of course, no medical claims are made-please get advice from your health practitioner. Healing takes place from within your own inner wealth of Be-ing and loving attitudes about yourself. 

With gratitude, loving donations per hour-hour & a half for private sessions at $150.00 for the Singing bowls and  Tuning Forks. Ask & it is given-always, all ways! Ask our body what it needs and the heart will answer! 

May we heal ourselves and this beautiful Planet Earth!

 In Gratitude & in Love, Merrilee Burke & Jeffrey Leep